Zoom Zoom!

In an effort to avoid scheduling conflicts, the Board of Trustees has tasked me with managing the Zoom calendar during this difficult period of social distancing.

It’s our hope that this’ll make things smoother for everybody, and prevent committee and affinity group meetings from being disrupted due to overbooking.

If you’re a committee chair person or staff member, use the links below to set up your meeting(s) or webinar(s). If you’re on a committee, get together and plan a virtual hour to stay connected while we’re protecting everyone’s health by connecting remotely. If you’re a spammer or robot, put this post on your NOINDEX list. 🙂

Please use these steps to schedule a Zoom meeting:

1. Check the two Zoom rooms for availability:

2. Fill out the online request form at this link.

  • I’ll get an e-mail and your request gets logged for reference.
  • I’ll doublecheck for conflicts and manually schedule your meeting.
  • I’ll confirm your reservation with a Zoom invitation, containing your meeting links.

3. If you’d like your event publicized on the calendar, send your info to the calendar administrator .

It’s that easy!

Don’t forget …

  • Try to give me a couple of days advance warning. If you must schedule an emergency meeting, drop me a line so I can follow up.
  • The two Zoom Room Calendars showing available times are also directly linked on the form above, and can be easily added to your own Google Calendar. I’m happy to help you set it up.
  • Remember to continue sending your meeting information to calendar, and to announcements if you’d like your event to appear on this site and / or on our Facebook feed.

Feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions.
Bob Moore and Gina Stephens