Are You Outraged by Conditions in Immigrant Detention Centers?

What can we do? One thing we can do is oppose ICE when they focus on our neighbors. Here in Long Beach, ICE hasn’t been very aggressive, but that is starting to change. A young father was seized recently.
We can support the Long Beach Community Defense Network, which sends raid response teams to record the activities of ICE agents. We can participate in a training to become Dispatchers (bilingual) or Observers. We can host Know Your Rights workshops and trainings. We can show up for political rallies. We can pressure our elected officials. We are organizing support teams to assist families in the aftermath of detentions. Come to the Social Justice table and sign up for the Long Beach Sacred Resistance email list. We have trainings and actions coming up, and this is how you can find out about them.
Want to Support Health and Leadership in the Community?
Come to the Social Justice table to find out how you can support Latinos in Action, a grass-roots community group that promotes health, leadership, and solidarity.