April is Climate Justice Month

On Sunday April 15th and Sunday April 22nd (Earth Day!) we will join the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for the Earth in solidarity with the 21 youth who have filed a lawsuit against the United States government for failure to meaningfully address climate change (Juliana v. US ). More information on Justice for #Each Generation can be found at www.uumfe.org/resources.

On Sunday April 22 (Earth Day!) we will participate during services in a Climate Ribbon ceremony. This is an arts ritual in which we will name those things we cherish about our planet and grieve what we might lose to Climate Chaos. (For more information, see the short video at www.theclimateribbon.org.)

We will gather together after services on Sunday April 15 (the week prior) to make our ribbon messages. Be thinking about what you want to write on your climate ribbon: what is precious to you from the Earth, what you would not want to see disappear for your children, your grandchildren, our UUCLB kids and all future generations. Green Team will supply all materials and be available for questions.