October News from Naomi

As the wheel turns and the seasons change, Fall is definitely my favorite color! Kodachrome days…

Our children and youth find themselves “back” in school, whether it be in person, in a hybrid model or 100% virtual. We are so proud of their resiliency, perhaps we need to observe and take a lesson from the youth! While most of us have remained vigilant, it is also a good time to look out for each other’s emotional health. A smile, a letter, a text… let’s practice being mindful.

Our RE Program is also back in full swing! Instead of RE classes being concurrent with Worship, all virtual programming is scheduled sequentially in order to avoid conflicts and assist internet bandwidth. We have great appreciation for all the families who came up with creative solutions in order to join us.

This October brought back a beloved, traditional event, a Multigenerational Animal Blessing for our October 4th service. Reverend Lissa and I collaborated to develop a meaningful event to warm the heart! When we met, a quick search on Facebook yielded instant photos! Hopefully you were able to turn in photos of your pet. If you have a beloved pet who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, their photos are welcome to be shared in the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) service.

Faith in Action kicks off “Socktober” where we will collecting donations of new socks for the homeless youth of Bethune Transitional Center for the entire month of October. Donations may be dropped off to Naomi at church on Sundays and Wednesdays. Laura Scully, DRE chair, is willing to come by to pick up your donation. Look out for a Drive-Thru Sock Drop opportunity in mid-October.

Save the date: Saturday, October 31st from 1:00 to 2:00 pm the RE Committee will be hosting a virtual Halloween event. Spooktacular details to come!

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Director of Religious Education