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Welcome to the Religious Education pages of the UUCLB website. We invite you to explore our pages, ask questions for clarification, and engage in our programming. We believe that the search for truth and meaning is a lifelong search, and we hope that you’ll continue your search with us.

Religious Education holds a central place in the life of this congregation, and we offer classes, events and programs for all ages that are meant to encourage spiritual, intellectual and personal growth and connect to our mission to “inspire and encourage each other in our spiritual journeys.”

We look forward to learning with you.

We are currently meeting with our different religious education groups on-line during this time of Covid-19 shelter at-home mandate. A “Time for All Ages” is offered during most worship services on Sundays for our youth. Special connections with our youth and children is facilitated with our Religious Education teacher volunteers. If you wish your child or youth to participate in an age appropriate zoom meeting, please email our Religious Education Director.

Religious Education programming is presented by a team of volunteers, overseen by the Director of Religious Education and the Religious Education Committee. If you have questions, ideas or suggestions, please contact us.

Contact the Director of Religious Education: Email

May News from Naomi

Merry May greetings!

Do you feel the growing excitement in the air? Reverend Lissa’s candidating ‘week’ came to fruition in the last days of April. Our Ministerial Candidate spent quality time with Religious Education (RE) families, a special time with Youth from 5th-12th grade, the RE Committee and myself. She was even able to solicit conversation with our teens (no small feat). I hope that you all took advantage of the various opportunities to get to know her and to introduce yourselves. I am excited about Reverend Lissa’s enthusiasm, understanding and experience.

While sheltering at home, spring blossoms around us. I hope that everyone has found a life rhythm that, like the Vernal Equinox, is balanced. While some changes may still not feel quite right, I hope that you can be mindful and discover some benefits that have arisen. A treasured hour with family that used to be your commute; a mid-morning walk with your furry friends. Even the birds seem to be singing a little brighter.

Virtual Religious Education has morphed and reimagined itself to be complimentary to the Worship hour instead of concurrent. We want families to be able to have the ability to do it all!

Before service, at 9:30 am, youth were actually up and about and attended RE Socializing hosted by Laura Scully, our Religious Education Committee Chair. Each week featured a different theme. As Director of Religious Education, I’ve been presenting “Time for All Ages” during the Worship service (with the help of my personal ‘Tech team’). During the month of April, RE classes and events took place at 11 am with our RE teachers and RE Committee volunteers. The High School class branched out and planned virtual walks ‘together’ during the week. I really appreciate the extra efforts by our team to make all of this happen!

At the end of this month, we have a very special Worship service. Our Coming of Age (COA) youth will culminate their program journey of working with their Facilitators and Mentors by presenting their Credos on Sunday, May 31st. Please join us for this special day.

On a bittersweet note, I realized that as I was preparing this article, how much I really miss our youth! On a typical Sunday, I would log over 5,000 steps between preparing for RE and visiting all the classrooms from Nursery through High School. Each year I typically take over 3,000 photographs capturing our youth in action, whether it be Youth Chapel, Spiritual Practices, a Curricular day, or Faith in Action. I also memorialize our celebrations like Easter and Beltane. This spring my camera is empty. While our Maypole’s ribbons remain quietly wrapped with last year’s wishes, I would love to share a photographic reflection of Beltane festivities to remind us that one day we will be dancing together once again!

May’s schedule of Sundays:

Preschool to High School youth are invited to visit with their friends via a Zoom meeting hosted by Laura Scully.

May 3, 9:30 am RE Socializing: BELTANE THEME
May 17, 9:30 am RE Socializing: PRIDE THEME
May 24, 9:30 am RE Socializing: FAITH IN ACTION – GARDEN PROJECT

Blessings to all of you,

Director of Religious Education