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Welcome to the Religious Education pages of the UUCLB website. We invite you to explore our pages, ask questions for clarification, and engage in our programming. We believe that the search for truth and meaning is a lifelong search, and we hope that you’ll continue your search with us.

Religious Education holds a central place in the life of this congregation, and we offer classes, events and programs for all ages that are meant to encourage spiritual, intellectual and personal growth and connect to our mission to “inspire and encourage each other in our spiritual journeys.”

We look forward to learning with you.

We are currently meeting with our different religious education groups on-line during this time of Covid-19 shelter at-home mandate. A “Time for All Ages” is offered during most worship services on Sundays for our youth. Special connections with our youth and children is facilitated with our Religious Education teacher volunteers. If you wish your child or youth to participate in an age appropriate zoom meeting, please email our Religious Education Director.

Religious Education programming is presented by a team of volunteers, overseen by the Director of Religious Education and the Religious Education Committee. If you have questions, ideas or suggestions, please contact us.

Contact the Director of Religious Education: Email

August News from Naomi

So are Atbash and Ottendorf foreign countries? Is Acrostic an embroidery stitch? And what would Shakespeare or Morse say about Easter Eggs in the Pigpen? If this doesn’t make any sense to you, then you haven’t been young detectives during our Cipher sUUmmer! All of the above are ciphers or puzzles that the youth have been solving. Every week 5th to 12th graders have had to solve a passcode puzzle in order to access their Sunday Zoom gathering. Blending old school detective work with technology has yielded an immense amount of intrigue and summer fun!

The RE Committee hosted three Family Fun Nights where the entire family was invited to engage in “Getting to Know you Bingo”, “Scattergories,” or the “Stuck at Home Scavenger Hunt.” We discovered that with a bit of creativity, it was actually fairly easy to convert our fun games into the virtual realm!

This month we are offering more opportunities for engagement. On the second Thursday of the month, there will be a Parent Chat where parents and guardians can gather for support, get updates and have the opportunity to ask questions about upcoming RE programming. A new intergenerational event, “Picnic with a Pal,” will pair a youth with an adult for an evening of icebreaker games, followed the next week by a ‘virtual picnic.” Contact Laura Scully at for more details. Its first come, first served.

Our annual Faith in Action Backpack Project which provides backpacks for homeless students in Long Beach will take place the last two weekends in August. While we will have to make changes in our execution, the need for backpacks still exists. So, rest assured we will still make it happen in a safe and appropriate fashion.

And of course, we are just brimming with excitement as we welcome Rev. Lissa and her family to UUCLB! We are looking forward to sharing visions as we take our first virtual steps together.

Let us be the church of the Open Minds, Loving Hearts, and Helping Hands where friends Zoom together. Let the Journey begin!

Blessings be,

Director of Religious Education

Sundays: 9:30 am for Preschool-4th grade;
11:30 am for Youth 5th-12th grade

Aug 9  —9:30 am & 11:30 am    CIPHER SUUMMER.

Aug 16—9:30 am & 11:30 am    CIPHER SUUMMER.

Aug 23—9:30 am & 11:30 am    FAITH IN ACTION – BACKPACK PROJECT

Aug 30—9:30 am & 11:30 am    FAITH IN ACTION – BACKPACK PROJECT

Aug 13 — 6:30 pm PARENT CHAT for Parents and Guardians
Aug 19 — 6:00 pm PICNIC WITH A PAL Intergenerational; pre-registered Aug 26 6:00 pm PICNIC WITH A PAL Intergenerational; pre-registered