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Welcome to the Religious Education pages of the UUCLB website. We invite you to explore our pages, ask questions for clarification, and engage in our programming. We believe that the search for truth and meaning is a lifelong search, and we hope that you’ll continue your search with us.

Religious Education holds a central place in the life of this congregation, and we offer classes, events and programs for all ages that are meant to encourage spiritual, intellectual and personal growth and connect to our mission to “inspire and encourage each other in our spiritual journeys.” We look forward to learning with you.

Religious Education programming is presented by a team of volunteers, overseen by the Director of Religious Education and the Religious Education Committee. If you have questions, ideas or suggestions, please contact us.

March News from Naomi

I hope you got to fill up your tanks with love last month as shenanigans are about to get underway!

Youth Chapel centered around gender identity. You’ll be happy to know that our youth are already pretty savvy, compassionate and informed about gender issues. Several youth shared that they have trans youth friends at their respective schools.
On President’s Day weekend, preschoolers explored the Spirit Play story of “The Loyal King and the Loyal Dog” delving into what makes a virtuous and compassionate leader.
1st to 4th Grade’s Passport to AdventUUre visited the Great Wall of China, discussed the differences between Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and learned the origins of Chinese New Year; then travelled to Rome, Italy to discover the origins of St. Valentine’s Day and the Februna water festival.

5th to 8th Grade Youth in “House Snackador” battled the Child Slavery Horcrux by urging chocolate manufacturers to insist on fair practices and wages for workers. Sees’ candies uses reputable Guittard chocolate, while Guiardelli, Hershey & Mars use chocolate from child slave labor markets.

We ended the month with Faith in Action where youth made over 50 hand-braided dog toys to be delivered to a local shelter. Continuing their quest to be more inclusive, High Schooler, Abby Fisher led a sign language lesson, with signs for various animals as well as the manual alphabet.

The really big news for the month is that our Coming of Age worship service is MOVING from March 8th to May 31st. Please Mark Your Calendars! This is going to be an inspirational service where our youth will share their personal credos.

On the professional development front, Francisco Ruiz and I will be attending the “Finding Our Way Home” Conference. This is a gathering of religious professionals of color from across the nation being hosted in Long Beach.

Our RE staff may also be seen in theatrical endeavors in Long Beach this month. Our Nursery Caregiver, Amara Phelps appears in a rollicking comedy, while our RE Assistant, Kai Yoshida tackles a social justice drama. See the Community Bulletin Board for details.

March’s schedule of Sundays, 10:00 am:

Infants and toddlers may be brought to our loving dedicated Nursery Caregiver in Room 4. Children and youth begin in Wylder Hall with their families and are “sung out” to their classes.

March 8th, CURRICULAR DAY – NEW!! (Formerly Coming of Age service has moved to May 31st!)

March 15th, CURRICULAR DAY – Everyone’s a little Irish today! St. Patrick’s Day Party after service!



Blessings to all of you,

Director of Religious Education