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How Do I Pick Up My Winnings?


The Auction is OPEN!


Welcome to the 1st UUCLB Virtual Service Auction! You can go online now to start the adventure. Everyone gets a free door prize ticket for a chance at winning a gift basket for free! So please click on HERE and come on in and join the fun!

The LIVE AUCTION SHOW is this Saturday night at 7:00PM, on Zoom! You can join the party at and bid for the live offerings then!! Or just join the fun! The 14 Door Prize Gift Basket drawings will take place then!

THEN come join us On Sunday, the 31st between Noon and 2pm at the east parking lot of the church, for the “no contact” drive thru pick-up and pay. Where you can drop off any check or cash payments and pick up any physical items you won!

Personal Shoppers are available to get you registered and assist you in all your shopping needs! Just email with “Personal Shopper” in the subject line!

OR Call Treacy at 650-303-4413


Get shopping and sign up for your Door Prize Ticket at

For more information about the Auction – contact Mimi Gephart-Seeley at