At UUCLB we have evolved a habit of pooling our resources to support organizations that do valuable work in our other communities. It’s a leap of faith that generosity begets generosity; we hold to an ethos of mutual support, expressing our belief in something larger than ourselves. We have found that our Special Collections efforts have focused our attention outward and made us more aware of other justice work going on in our communities.

To put it in metaphorical terms, we feel it isn’t enough simply to light our own chalice. We must see and support the flames of others who are also doing the work of building a better world.

About the current month’s collection:

  • UUCLB Special Collection: April 2019 Homeland Cultural Center The mission of Homeland Cultural Center is to provide a safe place for the cultivation, preservation, and promotion of art forms, both traditional and contemporary, representing the diverse array of cultures that make up Long Beach today. Homeland offers classes and drop-in programs in West African drumming and dance; Hmong, Cambodian, and Micronesian traditional arts; ... Read more

How it works

A different organization or cause is chosen each month. We look for local, community-based groups that do justice work in alignment with our values.

The receipts from the collection plate on the first Sunday of each month are passed on to an organization or cause in our larger community. Contributions toward the month’s Special Collection can also be made at any time during the month by marking your donation for that purpose.

Some past recipients of Special Collection funds:

  • Harbour Area Halfway Houses offers housing for women reentering the community from incarceration.
  • UUCLB Dreamers’ Scholarship assists undocumented people from Long Beach with expenses for attending college or graduate school
  • Homeland Neighborhood Cultural Center is a place for people to explore and pass on traditional and contemporary cultural traditions

Contact the Social Justice Council here if you would like to suggest an organization to receive our support. The recipient of the December special collection is chosen by our minister.

When you give online (with the button below or elsewhere on this site) or with the app on your phone or tablet, where prompted “Give to:”, choose “Special Collections” to give to the current month’s collection.

Read more about past special collections.