Pledging to UUCLB

The pledge campaign was over as of May 2021, however if you are new to the church or were not able to pledge during the pledge campaign, you can still pledge! By making a pledge, you support the Church mission and commitment to fostering racial, climate, social and economic justice within and beyond our walls.

Learn about the Church Budget from 2019-2020

We use past Income and Outflows to help us understand our future Budgets. These two charts may help you understand where the Church’s income is from and how the money was spent. To see a larger version of this chart download PDF of 2019-2020 Church Budget.

Spending explanation


We have provided from Stewardship for Us a contribution guide that may provide you a guideline on how much you might want to pledge for our current year. Click here.

To pledge for the current church year, 2021-2022. Click here.