Glimmer of Light and Hope 2021-2022 Stewardship Campaign

This past year has been very trying for us as we rose to the challenge of caring for one another while keeping each other safe. With your support, our congregation has flourished despite many obstacles. Our virtual programs and online Sunday services have made it possible to nurture our connections with one another and to create an ever-widening circle of beloved community.

There is a Glimmer of Light and Hope at the end of the tunnel, a glimpse of the time when we can congregate again in person as the strong community we are, both before and during the Covid crisis. By making a pledge, you support our mission and commitment to fostering racial, climate, social and economic justice within and beyond our walls.

Learn about the Church Budget from 2019-2020

We use past Income and Outflows to help us understand our future Budgets. These two charts may help you understand where the Church’s income is from and how the money was spent. Download PDF of 2019-2020 Church Budget.

Spending explanation


We have provided from Stewardship for Us a contribution guide that may provide you a guideline on how much you might want to pledge for the upcoming year. Click here.

To pledge for 2021-2022 click here.