Your support has made it possible to nurture our connections with one another and to create an ever-widening circle of beloved community.

We focus on the many ways we, as a community, can transform the world, and through our generosity, live more deeply into our mission of creating a welcoming and diverse community rooted in love, trust and freedom.

With your support, our congregation has flourished despite many challenges.

Our pledge goal is $350,000 this year, which will ensure that we have the financial resources needed to support our programs that reflect our mission and vision. By making a pledge, you support our mission and commitment to fostering racial, climate, social and economic justice within and beyond our walls – Widening the Circle

We also encourage you to consider how the congregation gives you spiritual fuel and fulfillment as you plan your annual pledges. It may be through Worship, Religious Education, Music and Arts, Social Justice, Fellowship or Small Group Ministries. All these programs depend on the financial support of members like you.

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Learn about the Church Budget from 2021-2022!

The following charts show where our expenses are and from where our income is sourced.

We have provided from “Stewardship for Us” a contribution guideline. This guide will help you consider what amount to pledge for our upcoming year. STEWARDSHIP FOR US Giving Guide

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Thank you for what you have done and for what you are doing. Thank you for being generous.