Give with the app on your phone or tablet





1. Start the process by texting “GIVE” to our dedicated 10-digit giving phone number (833) 931-1845.

2.Quickly fill out your giving information and credit/debit card details. Once complete, the information is securely saved for future gifts.

3. After the first gift is made, you are sent a text message and an email with the gift receipt included.

4. Now, you can easily give at any time by texting a simple number (ex. 250) and hitting send! 


Advanced Functions – Simply text (without the quotes): 

1. A number to give that amount to Offering. Eg: “100” 

2. A number and fund to designate your gift. Eg: “100 Special Collection” 

3. A number and schedule for automated giving. Eg: “500 Monthly”, “100 Pledge Bimonthly”, “50 Offering Weekly” 

4. “Cancel Auto” to cancel automated giving 

5. Add “cover” to cover fees of one transaction. Ex: “100 Offering cover” 

6. Add “Cover fees on” to cover fees on ALL text gifts 

7. “Cover fees off” to turn off cover fees on all text gifts 

8. “Card” to add a new payment method 

9. “Refund” to refund your last transaction 

10. “Options” to see the initial list of options again 

UUCLB Fund Categories for Text-To-Give: 

  • Pledge 
  • Offering 
  • Special Collection 
  • Tribute 
  • Donation Jar