Young Unitarian Universalist Project – YUUP 3rd Monday Meetups 5:30 PM online

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Date(s) - Monday, February 20, 2023
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

YUUP—supported by the Youth and Emerging Adult ministry folks at the UUA—connects high school-aged youth across the denomination in an online community that follows the UUAs Youth Safety Guidelines.


  • A way for young UUs to find each other so they can swap ideas (like favorite check in questions), share what’s meaningful to them and self organize.
  • Support for multigenerational identity group spaces to be safer and inclusive to youth.
  • Using messaging apps, social media and community platforms to build on the legacies of previous youth generations’ communication tools like the AUY and the UYF’s The Young Liberal, LRY’s People’s Soup and YRUU’s Synapse.
  • Direct access to UUA leadership so youth can build relationships and provide feedback.

We’re building this community through monthly meetups that are “swaps”: Check-in Question Swaps, Song Swaps, Game Swaps, etc. In the process of community-building, youth will get inspiration and resources they can bring home to their congregation’s youth community. This is one way we are supporting the regrowth of youth ministry this year. Check out this blog post from our inaugural meetup, it’s the Top Check-in Questions generated by youth.

Our next meetup is coming up on the third Monday of the month, Feb 20 at 8:30pm ET/5:30 PT Please encourage any high school youth to attend. So you know, also welcome to attend are people who have been part of the YUUP community already and are “on the bridge”– those who bridged in 2022 and are transitioning to emerging adulthood.

YUUP Info & Reg Page
In order to get the link to attend, youth have to at least have started the registration process with Lifespan Faith Engagement. That means they have to have submitted the form found at (scroll to bottom – press submit) and talked with their parent/guardian to make sure it’s ok for them to attend. It’s ok if the official parent permission signature and congregational sign-off happen after the meetup. This registration is good for the whole church year and works for any online gathering hosted by YUUP.

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