The Virtual Church Committee (VCC) is chartered to provide technical and operations support necessary for conducting all aspects of a successful UUCLB Virtual Church experience. This includes, but is not limited to: providing Zoom and Closed Captions administrators, VCC Help Desk support and implementation, and support of other tools as necessary for:

  • Sunday services
  • all UUCLB business meetings
  • committee meetings
  • special events
  • town halls
  • workshops

as well as for the Board of Trustees, church staff, leadership, and congregant members and friends to access these tools and allow for full participation for all who wish to engage at UUCLB Virtual Church.

You can reach the VCC by email at

To formally schedule a UUCLB Zoom virtual meeting, use this form:

Once you receive your Zoom Meeting ID, be sure to notify attendees of the date, time, meeting ID number, and meeting description. Also, send this information and any other details/descriptions in an email to our Church Administrator at Calendar manager. If you want your meeting mentioned in the weekly announcements send the information to