The UUCLB Pastoral Care Team is comprised of volunteers who provide support to members experiencing difficulty. If you are in need of assistance due to an illness, accident, or death of a loved one, please call the office (562-597-8445) or use this form. Or you may fill out a card and place it in the Pastoral Care box located on the table to the right of main entry door to Wylder Hall. The Pastoral Care Team is here to support you, your loved ones, and community members facing difficult times. Our volunteers provide meals, comfort, and transportation to medical appointments on a temporary basis.

The Pastoral Care Team organizes workshops to empower you with information and tools, as you care for the ones you love.

Call to Service

There is power in giving and sharing. If you would like to assist the Pastoral Care Team by providing assistance to those who are ill or facing difficulties, please contact the Pastoral Care Team here or via the church office at 562-597-8445.

You are encouraged to share your time and talents in support of members and their families when the opportunity arises. Opportunities to serve include:

  • Writing and sending cards
  • Making Cards with Creative Hands and Hearts
  • Helping with Memorial Services
  • Singing for home or hospital bound persons with Music Ministry
  • Making home or hospital visits
  • Offering friendship and a listening ear
  • Making phone calls and sending monthly cards to homebound
  • Providing and delivering meals
  • Providing transportation to medical appointments or church services

Join in:

Caring Hearts & Hands

Coordinator: Gerry Evans

This adult group focuses on encouraging and developing creativity with craft and art projects to nourish ourselves and our souls.

We hope to hear from you about your needs and/or if you wish to volunteer!