Welcome to UUCLB! For safety, all of our events have moved online. See calendar for details about newcomer coffee hour.

Starting Point: The Pathway to Community at UUCLB

UUCLB invites you to learn more about Unitarian Universalism and our community by taking our Starting Point Sessions. Whether you have been attending for a few weeks, a few months or longer, or are a virtual participant, we would like you to consider becoming a member of the UU Church of Long Beach.

Membership with UUCLB is open to those 16 years or older who support our Mission Statement and our Congregational Covenant of Right Relations.


STEP 1: Attend Three Starting Point Sessions: The Pathway to Community.  

Three membership classes are offered in-person on the third Sunday of the month, and on-line. In these sessions you will:

  • learn about the history and values of Unitarian Universalism.
  • share your personal religious journey.
  • hear how generations of Unitarian Universalists have contributed to our religious community.
  • discover the church’s many programs & activities.
  • meet other prospective members.
  • be invited to become a member, and take the next steps.
  • learn how you can support UUCLB through volunteer time and financially.

Let someone at the Welcome Table after a Sunday church service know you are interested in becoming a member, or contact our Membership Committee at membership@uuclb.org

STEP 2: Sign the Membership Book or online Membership form and be recognized at New Member’s Sunday Service. 

New members will be invited to: 

  • sign the membership book in front of the congregation during the New Members Ceremony, or online.
  • join in a covenantal relationship with all church members to support each other on our spiritual journeys and church involvement.
  • to join in a deeper commitment to the life of our community.

Direct any questions about membership via email to membership@uuclb.org or by calling the church office and leaving a message. You may also speak to a member of the Membership Team at the Welcome Tables on Sunday mornings.