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December 10, 2023  – “Solar Celebration”


Be inspired by the Green Team efforts, our results going Solar and be inspired to “be Green” and do our part for Climate Change responsiveness.  Grace Lorentzen & Bill Sive & the Green Team


November 19, 2023 – “Supporting Trans Youth and Families: Developing our Congregational Resources”

We will be discussing ways in which our congregation can support and assist transgender children and their families threatened by legislation that has been enacted in over 20 states restricting gender affirming healthcare and other basic human rights of these vulnerable people. As many of you know, our trans and gender expansive community members are under attack and being criminalized in many US states right now. This is so serious that they fit the criteria to be designated as internally displaced people (IDPs) by the United Nations. The UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association – Side With Love) and UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee) are partnering directly with frontline trans-led organizing to create networks of safety and direct support for Beloveds who need to relocate, access healthcare across state lines, or stay as safe as possible where they are.  Because of safety and legal concerns for these trans organizers, we are prioritizing security over transparency right now, which is allowing us to move together in deep trust during these crucial, scary times. For that reason, if you are interested in donating, we ask that you give generously and without asking for detailed information about our partners. Please know, though, that all donations are moving directly into the hands of trans-led organizers and being used to support trans and non-binary people in accessing the resources and support they need to survive and thrive. Some of the most basic things these funds are being used for right now include:  Moving expenses for folks who are relocating: movers & transport, first & last month’s rent deposits, apartment application fees, packing supplies, equipment and/or apparel required for starting new jobs, start-up money to purchase home basics after relocating Healthcare costs for folks who need to travel across state lines: out-of-network healthcare costs, on the-road food and gas costs, vehicle maintenance or repair costs, lodging where host homes are not available, survival grants for people who miss work or lose their jobs for medical travel-related reasons, childcare costs for people who need to ensure their kids are safe while they travel. We are deeply grateful to First Parish Malden for serving as the fiscal sponsor for this work, and we encourage you to give as abundantly and courageously as you are able by visiting this link or go to and select “Give to Trans Fund” in the first drop down menu. – Reverend Lissa Gundlach with Ashton Phillips & Jerni


                               September 10, 2023 – Clergy & Laity United

CLUE, Clergy and Laity United for Social Justice

Hotel workers are striking. Learn how we can support the strikers.

For more info, please contact Grace Lorentzen or Fred Kushner



August 06, 2023 – Local Organizing and Actions of Immediate Witness

The Local Organizing forum discussed the Interfaith organizing principles involved in advocacy work. An invitation to action via postcards and letters to the editor as instrumental tools for advocacy in social justice movements, was presented. LINK to Presentation


July 09, 2023

The Welcome Back Social Justice forum discussed the purpose of the Social Justice Council, the personal testimony of a person at our Welcoming Congregation, and the process for recertification annually for the UUA Welcoming Congregation.  The results of the General Assembly Acts of immediate witness and Open MIC was made available to share areas of concern. LINK to Presentation

January 08, 2023

Intersectional Challenges in LGBTQ+Aging – Raising awareness of Justice Issues Speaker: Bill Sive, an LBGTQ+ Elder Advocate and representative associated with , “Elder Circle, Sage, National Center for Aging, LA county Department of Mental Health, Queers for Climate, Pink Panthers.  Social Justice Forum Video

November 13, 2022

The New Abortion Landscape

When the Supreme Court ended federal constitutional protection for people seeking abortions, trigger laws, never-repealed laws, and hastily passed new laws created a flood of circumstances where it was unclear to pregnant persons and their doctors what was legally permissible. The new laws often have life-threatening consequences because of ambiguous wording or unscientific beliefs embedded in them.

Dr. Kathy Brunts, a retired physician living in Saint Louis, Elaine Chen, doctoral candidate at Harvard, and church member Michele Read will share their thoughts and knowledge about the overlooked and underappreciated aspects of banning abortions and the failings of the legal language that codify it.

Join us in person in the UUCLB Lounge or on Zoom at 11:30.



Jehan Laner

September 11, 2022

Breaking the Prison to Deportation Pipeline and Other Campaigns that Help to Promote Immigrant Justice in California – Speakers: Jehan Laner, an immigration attorney with the Immigrant Law Resource Center and Willie Lubka (not pictured), founder of the Buen Vecino and a UU immigrant justice activist from the Conejo Valley UU Fellowship.

Two dedicated and inspiring activists shared their experiences in working to keep immigrant families from permanent separation through deportation.



April 10, 2022

It was time to sound off. We came to speak of issues on our minds. We shared our passions, hopes, concerns and ideas about some social justice issues: Racial Justice, LGBTQ Rights,  Climate Change, Immigrant Rights,  Police and Jail Injustice, Voting Rights, Environmental Justice.




March 20, 2022

This forum was on THIRD Sunday of March.

Presenters: Members of Citizens’ Climate Lobby



February 13, 2022

How the South Won the Civil War – Presenter: Mercedes Ortiz

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January 2022

One-to-One Campaign – Presenter: Aliyah Shaikh, LA Voice Community Organizer

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Amnesty International candle wrapped in barbed wire logoDecember 2021

Amnesty International – Write for Rights 2020 – facilitator: Norma Edwards, member of UUCLB Social Justice Council and local chapter of Amnesty International

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October 2021

Trauma, Resilience and Recovery speaker: Debora Luken LMFT – Assistant Director of Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center

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September 2021

Immigrant Justice:  – speakers: Josh Leach, Policy and Communications Strategy Coordinator for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and Rev. Ranwa Hammamy, formerly of the California Justice Ministry and now a member of the national UU Siding With Love Team

Slide Presentation (pptx)  —-  Video


Jan Victor Andasan

August 2021

Environmental Justice for West Long Beach – speaker: Jan Victor Andasan – Community Organizer at East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice 

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Community Response to SCIG – Dear Warren Buffet

Add’l material from CCL (pptx)


July 2021

Social Justice Lessons from UUA 2021 General Assembly – presenters: Evelyn Taylor, Meltem Narter, Patricia Chen, Mimi Gephardt-Seeley, Treacy Gephardt-Seeley, Michael Lyde

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Radical Curiosity Handout  Radical Curiosity Mind Map

Care Teams – A Model


Myron Day
Myron Day

June 2021

LGBTQ Center Long Beach – speaker: Myron Day – Director of Development for The LGBTQ Center Long Beach

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April 2021

Adopting the Eighth Principle – speakers: Miguel Pagan, Mimi Gephardt-Seeley, Nasreen Gagner – Members of the UUCLB 8th Principle Task Force

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José A Serrano
José A Serrano

March 2021

Biden Administration’s Immigration Initiatives: An Immigrant Community Activist Perspective – speaker: José A Serrano – Associate Director of Immigration & Outreach at World Relief Southern California

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Video Recording



Susan Burton
Susan Burton

February 2021

A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project – speaker: Susan Burton, Executive Director and founder of ANWOL, author and activist.

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Video Recording




East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice green and white flag logo

January 2021

Environmental Justice in Long Beach – speaker: Taylor Thomas, Research and Policy Analyst for East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice and UUCLB Prof. Dr. Dean Toji, environmental community activist with Long Beach 350

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Amnesty International candle wrapped in barbed wire logo

December 2020

Amnesty International – Write for Rights 2020 – facilitator: Norma Edwards, member of UUCLB Social Justice Council and local chapter of Amnesty International

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Amnesty International Resource Document




United Nations Sustainable Development Goals logo

November 2020

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – facilitator: Nasreen Gagner, UU@UN Envoy for UUCLB

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Rev. Lissa Gundlach
Rev. Lissa Gundlach

October 2020

Co-Visioning Social Justice – facilitators: Michael Sallwasser, chair of UUCLB Social Justice Council; and Rev. Lissa Gundlach, senior minister of UUCLB

While the work of Social Justice continues (It is in our congregational DNA), the character of UUCLB’s work will be reimagined in a collaboration between the Social Justice Council and Rev. Lissa Gundlach.

October’s forum will begin with team leaders and members of the Council sharing views on the work ahead and their thoughts on minister’s role in that work. Rev. Lissa will describe her experience with and understanding of successful social justice work partnerships. Together we will agree how best to integrate her unique gifts, while respecting the other responsibilities of her position as senior minister. All participants, ranging from activists with deep experience and novices eager to learn, can ask questions and make comments as we establish a framework to bring more justice, equity, and compassion to a hurting world.


UU the Vote
UU the Vote

September 2020

UU the Vote – presenters: Michael Sallwasser, chair of UUCLB Social Justice and Will Gagner, member of Social Justice

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UUA General Assembly, Rooted, Inspired & Ready
GA 2020

August 2020

Social Justice Learnings from General Assembly – speakers:

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