Calling the Minister

Sunday, May 3, at 11:30 am the UUCLB will conduct a special ZOOM meeting to vote on calling the Reverend Lissa Anne Gundlach as our new settled minister.
The voting information for members only was included in the MSC packet that arrived in your mailbox via US Postal Mail. As well, a special EMAIL to members only included the same information and was sent on Monday April 20th.
We collectively look forward to the conclusion of this effort as we move into a new settled ministry together.

Time to Meet the Minister 

We have officially entered the period during which the Minister may begin meeting the congregation. The MSC has arranged a series of ZOOM meetings to facilitate the process of meeting with the candidate and conducting the official vote. Please visit the UUCLB calendar to see which meetings have been scheduled from April 21 – May 3rd.

Please feel free to contact the MSC ( prior to or even during any of the scheduled meetings. This is an exciting time. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we explore this process together.

A Very Special Announcement 

UUCLB Members:

Our congregation has officially been in search for a Settled Minister since June of last year. The Ministerial Search Committee has been meeting at least weekly since last June:

  • to determine the congregation’s needs through our survey, cottage meetings, and focus groups
  • to present those needs in writing to the ministers in search
  • and then finally to thoroughly interview the pre-candidates who sought to join us at UUCLB.

The Ministerial Search Committee has an announcement regarding our search. We are delighted to tell you we have reached a decision regarding a candidate for our next Settled Minister.

Please welcome Reverend Lissa Anne Gundlach as the ministerial candidate for UUCLB.

Rev. Gundlach has provided the following introductory materials:

We know there are a lot of questions regarding Candidating Week.

Please be assured that the MSC, the Board of Trustees, the UUA, and the Candidate are in conversation about ideas for this process. We will find a process for us that will ensure we all get to know the candidate, and that will allow you to feel comfortable when voting.

There are many great ideas floating around, but we have not finalized any process decisions regarding Candidating Week and voting.

There is a strong possibility Candidating Week will be lengthened to two weeks to allow enough time for the congregation to get to know the candidate in these most unusual times.

Keep an eye out for emails from the church regarding more details about the candidate and Candidating Week.

You can always reach us at with any questions or concerns. Stay safe.


Pat Marr & Alicia Davis
Co-Chairs, UUCLB Ministerial Search Committee

Search Process Timeline

The Results Are In !

The Ministerial Search Committee has prepared a report that compiles and presents the results of the 2019 Congregational Survey. Click on the image below to download a copy of the report and view the visualization of the survey data. Thanks again for all the time and effort you have put into making this valuable contribution to the ministerial search process.

Process Overview

Since October 2017, we are undergoing a transition as we search for a permanent minister. This will be a multi-step process with guidance by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). We, our congregation, has selected the members of our Ministerial Search Committee.

Below is a basic explanation of the steps of this transition, with more information and updates if you click on each of the step titles.

  1. Interim Minister: The Interim Minister will fill the Minister role for about two years. Due to the longer period that the Interim Minister will occupy the role, the Interim Minister Search Team more thoroughly vetted the applicants for this important position. The Interim Minister not only continues fulfilling the duties of Minister, but also helps heal and prepare the Congregation (emotionally and spiritually) for a new Called Minister. Our Interim Minister, Rev. Rick Hoyt-McDaniel, was selected in November 2017, and began his service January 16, 2018. He will serve until June 2020.
  2. Called Minister: The last step in the transition is the most important and will take a lot of time and care to complete. After the Interim Minister position is filled, a Called Minister Search Team is nominated and selected by the Congregation. All Church Members excluding Trustees, Staff, and the Leadership Committee are eligible for this Search Team, and Members will be provided an opportunity to nominate then vote for peers to serve on this team. Once a Called Minister is selected by the Search Team, the Congregation then votes to approve their selection. The new Called Minister should be expected to serve as our Minister for at least 6 years.

All information about the transition is meant to provide transparency to our congregation. No confidential or sensitive information will be posted but you may contact the search committee.