The Results Are In !

The Ministerial Search Committee has prepared a report that compiles and presents the results of the 2019 Congregational Survey. Click on the image below to download a copy of the report and view the visualization of the survey data. Thanks again for all the time and effort you have put into making this valuable contribution to the ministerial search process.

Search Process Timeline

Our Next Steps

Your Ministerial Search Committee is currently working on…
Congregational Record
The congregational record is a series of questions that provide answers that prospective candidates want to know about our congregation and is the Search Committee’s opportunity to present our congregational life to potential ministers. Ministers like to do ministry. This means ministers like to know what reality will meet them once they begin serving and, therefore, what ministry the congregation needs. If something is conflicted within the congregation, the record will depict that. If something has been neglected, the record will say so. That said, of course we have positive features which will be shared, as well. The Search Committee will share the
contents of the record with the congregation once approved.
Documents Packet
While the congregational record is a series of questions, the congregational documents packet is a collection of documents. The documents will give the prospective minister concrete information from the congregation. The committee is currently gathering:
o Proposed contract
o Contract change form (how it differs from the recommended UUA/UUMA contract and whatever else you’d like the applicant to know)
o Congregational survey
o Congregational by-laws
o Previous five years of congregational budgets
o Job descriptions for each staff member
o Covenant between interim minister and previous settled minister
o Congregational covenant
o Staff covenant
o Annual report
o Minutes from last three congregational meetings
o Minutes from Governing Board over last year
o Policies if separate from by-laws (safe congregation, disruptive behavior, etc., if not on website)
o Several orders of service (include Christmas Eve, Easter, and other special holidays too, if possible)
o Copies of sample newsletters, email blasts, and other regular announcements that go to congregation
o Beyond Categorical Thinking application (if this program was utilized in the search process) and any reflections you took away from the weekend experience

o Longer summary report from survey and cottage meetings
o Timeline of congregational history
o Link to video tour of congregational building
o Year-to-year history of Governing Board members for last 20 years
o Sample information given to new members
o Current long-range plan (if it exists)
o Biographies of Search Committee members (if not on website)
o Anything else the Search Committee wishes to include
o Organizational chart
o Information given to parents on religious education/exploration opportunities

Process Overview

Since October 2017, we are undergoing a transition as we search for a permanent minister. This will be a multi-step process with guidance by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). We, our congregation, has selected the members of our Ministerial Search Committee.

Below is a basic explanation of the steps of this transition, with more information and updates if you click on each of the step titles.

  1. Interim Minister: The Interim Minister will fill the Minister role for about two years. Due to the longer period that the Interim Minister will occupy the role, the Interim Minister Search Team more thoroughly vetted the applicants for this important position. The Interim Minister not only continues fulfilling the duties of Minister, but also helps heal and prepare the Congregation (emotionally and spiritually) for a new Called Minister. Our Interim Minister, Rev. Rick Hoyt-McDaniel, was selected in November 2017, and began his service January 16, 2018. He will serve until June 2020.
  2. Called Minister: The last step in the transition is the most important and will take a lot of time and care to complete. After the Interim Minister position is filled, a Called Minister Search Team is nominated and selected by the Congregation. All Church Members excluding Trustees, Staff, and the Leadership Committee are eligible for this Search Team, and Members will be provided an opportunity to nominate then vote for peers to serve on this team. Once a Called Minister is selected by the Search Team, the Congregation then votes to approve their selection. The new Called Minister should be expected to serve as our Minister for at least 6 years.

All information about the transition is meant to provide transparency to our congregation. No confidential or sensitive information will be posted but you may contact the search committee.