In August 2020 The UUCLB Board of Trustees charged the Campus Re-Opening Task Force (CRTF)* with keeping us current and in compliance with the on-going City of Long Beach’s COVID-19 Health Orders as we move slowly forward towards the end goal of reopening safely. (The City of Long Beach Safer at Home-Regional Stay at Home Order as of January 26, 2021 is here.)

It has been 3 months since the Campus Re-Opening Task Force and the Board of Trustees (BoT) posted the first Covid-19 Campus Usage Protocols. At its November meeting, the Board of Trustees voted to adopt the Campus Reopening Task Force’s recommendations to partially open the church campus to three specific outdoor activities beginning December 1st 2020.  The Board of Trustees also voted to implement specific UUCLB protocols for participation in the outdoor activities.

In addition on December 11th, 2020 the Campus Re-Opening Task Force (CRTF) and the Board of Trustees (BoT) revised protocols for the use of UUCLB’s office by essential volunteers in order to ensure the health and safety of all UUCLB staff and essential volunteers.

What’s NewAs of 12/1: 2 changes have been made to section A1 Outdoor Grounds Usage, and 1 change has been made to section A2 Outdoor Restrooms.

Whats New – as of 12/11: changes have been made to section B1 UUCLB Campus Interior Space 



The UUCLB BoT, in coordination with the City of Long Beach, orders the following UUCLB Covid-19 Campus Protocols
December 11, 2020

A. UUCLB Campus Outdoor Grounds:

1. Outdoor Grounds:

AAll-church outdoor activities.

At the discretion, and under the leadership, of Rev. Lissa, church activities may be scheduled on the exterior grounds of UUCLB’s campus.

B:  Short visit/stroll on campus.

UUCLB members and friends may visit the campus per the following “Protocols for Short Visit/Stroll on UUCLB’s Campus”.

Protocols for Short Visits/Strolls on UUCLB’s Campus
(Adopted by the Board of Trustees on 11/16/2020)

  1. The grounds shall be open Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday.
  2. The grounds shall be open during the daytime only, closing at sundown (After 5pm)
  3. In order to ensure social distancing from the Montessori School staff and students, please park in the West/New Parking Lot, as well as enter and exit the campus from the West/New Parking Lot or the front gate directly on Atherton.
  4. Visits shall be limited to 1 person or 1 Covid-19 household/cohort, for the recreational purpose of visiting/connecting with our beloved campus. Sorry, this is not a time for socializing with others outside of your household.
  5. Please relax and enjoy your time and move on in a timely manner.
  6. Plan all meals or snacking for off campus activities, as food is still prohibited.
  7. All buildings shall remain closed to entry, except the women’s/unisex restroom.
  8. The office remains closed. Please do not disturb the staff or enter the office unless you have an appointment and permission to do so.
  9. It is expected that individuals will use common courtesy by taking their temperature before coming onto campus and not coming on campus when ill or with a temperature higher than normal.
  10. When on campus, wearing appropriate masks and maintaining 6ft social distancing from others that might be on campus must be practiced at all times. Hand sanitizer will be made available for use at outdoor locations around the property. (Signage will be placed throughout campus for individuals to follow the listed Covid-19 protocols.)

All other organized activities, except for essential volunteers, such as those associated with Facilities, and those who maintain the garden remain prohibited. In addition, a church member or friend may briefly enter the grounds to drop off mail in the exterior mail drop slot of the church office, and/or come on to campus to enjoy a short visit/stroll provided that said individual(s) follow all protocols that apply and leave campus in a timely manner.

2. Outdoor Restrooms:

A. The outdoor restroom on the south side of the gate is closed, except for use by the students of the Montessori School

B. The outdoor restroom on the north side of the gate also known as “The women’s/unisex bathroom” is now reopened as a ‘one person at a time’ unisex bathroom. It is expected that that all people using it will follow the posted Covid-19 health and safety protocol signage at its entrance and use the interior deadbolt lock that identifies the status of its use (i.e., open or occupied).” The staff of the Montessori School will continue to use this restroom.

B. UUCLB Campus Interior Space:

  1. The church office
    . The church office is presently closed and locked to all congregants and visitors, except for essential volunteers, including those associated with Finance, Facilities, Church Treasurer and the Board of Trustees. All Personnel Committee church office work shall be suspended at this time; any emergent filing needs may be handled by the President of the Board.
    B. The office may be entered only when staff are not present anywhere in the outer office.
    C. Only one (1) essential volunteer(with the exception of the two essential volunteers who deposit checks) shall be present in the outer office at any time.
    D. If an essential volunteer doesn’t feel well, or is with temperature, the essential volunteer shall not enter the campus and/or office.
    E. An essential volunteer shall take their temperature prior to entering the office, using the provided thermometer found at the entrance of the office; if their temperature is at or above 100.4, the essential volunteer shall notenter the outer office.
    F. Essential volunteers shall adhere to all City of Long Beach, County of Los Angeles and State of California Covid-19 protocols, including wearing masks at all times, maintaining six feet social distancing, etc.
  2. Appointments shall occur by telephone or Zoom. However, in person, office appointments may be made at the discretion of the minister or staff, assuming that the two individuals are in agreement.
  3. Wylder Hall shall be closed to all congregants and visitors, except for essential staff and volunteers associated with filming Sunday services therein, including those associated with the following committees: Worship, Virtual Church Committee and Music.
  4. All essential volunteers noted above shall be on campus by appointment only and shall leave the campus immediately upon completion of their essential volunteer work. VOLUNTEERS, PLEASE NOTE: It is important to know that the Chalice building rooms A & B, rooms 1-6 and the bathroom on the south side of the gate are solely being used by the Montessori school. UUCLB has an agreement with the school to not be on any part of that campus during COVID-19.

C. Other General Protocols:

Essential staff members and essential volunteers will adhere to all City of Long Beach Covid-19 protocols, including wearing masks at all times, maintaining six feet social distancing, etc.

All essential staff and essential volunteers shall have their temperature checked upon entry to the office.

The outer office space shall include no more than 2 people at a time, including any staff member(s) present.

A schedule will be set forth that will allow essential staff and essential volunteers to use the office space when others aren’t there, this for a limited period of time, as necessary.

All necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) (masks, shields, gloves and hand sanitizers) will be provided to the office on an on-going basis.

The current COVID-19 orders for Places of Worship state that all indoor activities are prohibited. When considering meeting for services outdoors, the current COVID-19 requirements make this prospect extremely complicated, requiring 6-foot social distancing from the moment of driving onto the parking lot, walking to your seats, being seated, and when exiting the campus. It also has restrictions on any singing, chanting, responsive readings and prohibits any socializing.

In Closing

The CRTF members acknowledge that Covid-19 infections (and deaths) are rising in California and the rest of the country at this time. As a result, local and state governments, including our own in California, are reassessing health and safety protocols on a daily basis.  As a result of this fluid situation, the outdoor activities and protocol updates noted above may be modified in the near future. Should this occur, members and friends will be notified in a timely manner.  In the meantime, all members and friends who participate in an activity on campus are expected to follow all state, local and UUCLB guidelines and protocols, this for the health and safety of all members of our church community.

The Present & Future

We know that we are all anxious to get back to the norm of being together on our beautiful campus; worshiping, socializing, and getting work done, in community with one another. You can rest assured your Campus Re-Opening Task Force and Board of Trustees is on the job, and we will continue to move forward in a safe and sound process to get to that light at the end of the tunnel where we can all be together in person again!

If you have any questions about this announcement, please contact Kevin Ford, Board of Trustees.

* Campus Re-Opening Task Force Members include: Rev. Lissa Gundlach, Minister; Naomi Yoshida, DRE; Valerie Lindberg, RE; Mimi Gephart-Seeley, CU&A; Carol Quinlan, Worship; Kevin Ford, BoT.

(Announced December 11, 2020)