Church Celebrates its Centennial, 1913 to 2013

On the last Sunday in April of 1913, a handful of religious seekers gathered to hear the first Unitarian sermon in Long Beach. The following bond of union was adopted at that first meeting and, with one amendment, still provides a valid statement of the philosophy of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach.

The religion of this church is free, not creed bound; scientific, not dogmatic; spiritual, not traditional; universal, not sectarian. It stands for the realization of the highest moral and humanitarian ideals of the noblest teachers and the cultivation and dissemination of the spiritual qualities of reverence, peace, and love.

future-building-pictureThe first meetings of the church were at 9th and Lime in Long Beach. In 1955, the present property at 5450 Atherton was deeded to the Unitarian Church by the Whaley family. Soon the present buildings were constructed, and have been in use for more than fifty years.

The Chalice Building, at the east end of the property, was added to provide additional classroom space some years ago. The sanctuary was remodeled in 1994. The Lounge, which is our primary adult meeting space, and the minister’s office have also been remodeled.

We are currently developing a Building Fund to be able to add additional classroom space and do some renovation and remodeling of our present space. We have been working with an architectural firm and have models and a design which has been approved by the congregation.

Throughout its history, the church, in addition to its religious functions, has worked actively to resolve social concerns, provide a forum for expressing opinions on important issues and act as a center for the arts.


The Early Years of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach

A history of the first 10 years was written in about 1959 by Lyle Myers who grew up in the church, and researched some of the early history.

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History of Social Justice in the UU Church of Long Beach

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