The UUCLB Campus Re-Opening Protocols are created to keep everyone safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Covid Response Task Force (CRTF) embraces a practice of Inclusion, Covenant, Consent, and Care for all during their process.

Current status – The CRTF is not active and masks are optional and encouraged for meetings where members are in close proximity.

This page will be displayed until 9/30/2023 for transition to History and Archive

CRTF recommendations go directly to the Board of Trustees where they are approved and adopted. All UUCLB approved protocols comply with the current City of Long Beach COVID-19 orders.

The CRTF has met in March 2023 to update policies and procedures to keep our staff and congregation safe from Covid-19 exposure.

Masks are optional during Sunday services and large gatherings. We will continue to have a seating area outside the main double doors and attendees are welcome to move seats if needed. Outside on the UUCLB grounds, masks are encouraged but not required. We discourage eating indoors as it would require mask removal to do so.

Masks are strongly recommended for small meetings. We encourage small groups to covenant together so those who wish to keep their masks on feel comfortable to do so. You will find spray disinfectant available in the Lounge; we ask that those attending meetings spray areas that were used before they depart.

If you have tested positive and recently a UUCLB function in person, please inform the office on the date of your attendance and your positive status by sending an email to We will not share your name, however we will inform the congregation during the weekly emailed announcements.

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Your CRTF team consisted of Jan Goodwin, Ruth Goodwin, Rev Lissa Gundlach, Edie Mickey-Silveria, Teresa Weber-Freeman