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Solar Panel Project


Solar Panel Savings 4/18/2017

Our solar panels saved us $6261 in electricity last calendar year.  Panels went on line with SC Edison on January 1, 2016.   Cost of electricity for calendar 2014 was $9642.  Since the system cost us $61,829, it will have paid for itself in 10 years.  Panels are expected to last 25 to 30 years at 80% efficiency.


Solar Panels Update 1/21/2016

 When Solar panel installation was complete in August, we posed for this church photo. We could use the power generated during the day for the church, and it was saving us about $100 per month. He had to wait for So Cal Edison to approve our connection before we would get credit to the power that we were providing over the grid to other customers.

Now, as of January 1, we are connected to the So Cal Edison grid.  This means that we will be getting credit for the extra power that we provide to Edison.  Since we still use power at night, we will still be buying some power from Edison, but as summer approaches, we should see our Edison bill approaching zero.  Then during the summer we should get a negative bill, which we can apply to future use of power in the winter.  The more sun we have, the more power we produce.  Our church is now truly solar powered.   

click on link below to see the production.


Solar Panel Update 12/22/2015

Solar panels are producing.  We are silll waiting for SoCal Edison to approve our connections to grid, but meanwhile we are producng power for ourselves and the grid.  Saving about $100 per month, and saving carbon emmissions.  You can look at how the panels are operating, see production depending on sunight. Click on link below:



Solar Panel Update 8/1/2015

Plans were approved and panels are installed, waiting Long Beach Electrical inspector to approve a revised connecting to the electrical panel.  Should happen in a few days. Then we can test the panels to see how they work.  We still have to wait (maybe as much as three months) for Southern Califormin Edison to approve connnection to the grid.

 Celebration is being planned for after church Ausust 23.


Solar Panel Update 7/8/2015

Solar Source is following progress of plan through city divisions.

It has been to Planning, it is at the desk of Electrical, still has to

go to Structure and Fire.

Best estimate now for installation is some timein August.  

Solar Panel Udate 6/14/15

Our plans have gone to the city for approval.

Some time in late June or early July, we should have approval and Solar Source will start the installation.

Installation will take about a week.  Completion should be some time in July.

After completion SCE (Southern California Edison) must come and approve the project.  That has taken up to 3 months in the past.  We hope for faster.)

Solar Panel Project 6/1/15

For decades, Unitarian Universalists have advocated for environmental health. Many of our members recycled, rode bikes, and conserved water long before it was encouraged. Our congregation’s commitment runs deep. In September 2014 we started taking steps toward installing Solar Panels to relieve our carbon footprint.

Fund Raising for Solar Panels started in April 2015,.  On May 19, 2015, we had collected enough to sign the contract.

Our original estimate was $80,000, but we were able to confirm the Rebate of $13,163, so the total system cost raising is now about $64,000.


This system will produce 39,354 kWh of electricity, which is 93% of what the church uses.


We will save 27 tons of Co2 every year, and about $8’000 per year in electric bills. But the best part is that we are reducing our carbon footprint.



Our contractor is SOLAR SOURCE INC.

4801 E Anaheim St

Long Beach, CA 90804

Contractor is making final plans to take to City for approval in early June.

Contact Jarrod Osborne 562-852-5626 to find out how you might use solar panels to reduce your Carbon footprint.

You can also check out for a rough estimate of savings from solar.