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Membership & Giving

When you are ready to make the commitment of membership, there is a path to membership to follow. There is no test to pass or requirements to meet; our hope is that you will know enough about our history, our values and how we live our faith that you will feel comfortable in choosing this faith community as yours. Our church is grounded in congregational polity and each of its members bears responsibility for maintaining the health and future of the congregation, by taking part in congregational decisions, attending services, and sharing time, talents and treasure.

Ten Good Reasons for joining the Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach

  1. Because here we join with open hearts and minds to worship together, seeking what is sacred among us.
  2. Because here we are part of a long, liberal tradition of reason and tolerance of hope and liberation.
  3. Because here we honor our Jewish and Christian roots, and also reach out to know the great truths found in other religious expressions.
  4. Because here we acknowledge that revelation is never sealed and empower ourselves to search for new truths.
  5. Because here we nurture our children's enthusiasms and encourage their questions.
  6. Because here we welcome diverse people and views.
  7. Because here we join our strength with others to create a more just society.
  8. Because here we respect the whole self—mind, body, and spirit working together.
  9. Because here we encourage each other to be true to ourselves.
  10. Because here we build a supportive community that eases our loneliness and opens our hearts.

— Bill and Barbara Hamilton-Holway and Mark Harris, ©1995 Unitarian Universalist Association

The Meaning of Membership

While each member is free to choose among the many opportunities available, membership is most fully realized if the member attends Sunday morning services often, participates in some activity other than worship in order to build community, and supports the church with treasure and talents. The church encourages each member to practice stewardship, meaning taking care of the church so that it remains strong and healthy.

Each spring, the church conducts a stewardship drive which is specifically focused on providing each member with an opportunity to pledge a financial amount to the operating fund for the coming fiscal year. The church does not have a minimum financial requirement for membership and trusts its member to determine for themselves what their fair share of support is. As part of the stewardship drive, members and friends are provided with information about the finances of the church and the financial goals for the coming year. The by-laws state that members must affirm their wish to continue active membership each year, either by making a financial pledge, or by a verbal affirmation. Questions about pledging or about other aspects of stewardship can be addressed by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .