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Religious Education Events

Upcoming Services

Sunday, May 29, 2016 – 9 and 11 am

"Demystifying Intuition"

In this service, we will consider using both the rational and the intuitive sides of our nature to access our inherent wisdom and guidance. To tune into our intuition, we often have to know it is possible to quiet our analytical minds, and consider the messages meaningful. This service will present everyday experiences of intuitive knowing and practical advice to help increase our ability to hear this voice still and small, deep inside all.

Service Leader: Mary Ruth Velicki

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Sunday, June 5, 2016 – 9 and 11 am

"Becoming Heretics: What Will We Be Known For?"

When we look back at history, many of us are proud of our Unitarian Universalistic prophetic positions that were inclusive of various theologies and identitities. We have been heretics. Remembering what has been, let us consider what we might do today to become heretics – where leads our spiritual calling?

Worship Leader: Reverend Mitra Rahnema 

Sunday, June 12, 2016 – 10 am

"If You Spent the Day with Thoreau at Walden Pond"

Religious Education (RE) Sunday

This summer our Coming of Age youth are visiting Walden Pond as part of their Heritage Pilgrimage to Boston. The RE childen, youth and teachers will guide us through a time-traveled journey back to 1845 to RE-member our UU legacy. Join us with open hearts and minds to experience a day in the life of Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond.

Note : Today we begin our summer schedule which is a single service at 10am. This will continue through August.